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Hardware performance
Release time:2011.10.28 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Mechanical properties
Mechanical properties are those metal materials under external force expressed by characteristics. 1. Strength: material in the external forces (load) function, resist deformation and fracture ability. Material unit area by the load stress says. 2. The yield point (б s) : says the yield strength, refers to the process of material pull worked, material stress to a critical value, but no longer increases load deformation continue to increase or produce 0.2% L. When stress value, the unit with Newton/mm 2 (N/was) said. 3. Tensile strength (б b) also called intensity limit refers to material in under the maximum stress value before the break. Units with Newton/mm 2 (N/was) said. 4. Elongation rate (δ) : materials in tensile fracture, total elongation and the percentage of the original standard from the length. 5. Section shrinkage rate (Ψ) materials in tensile fracture, cross section area of the largest after the break with narrow area percentage. 6. Hardness: refers to the material's resistance to other, more good thing its surface pressure ability, commonly used hardness according to the range determination's hardness distribution (HBS, HBW) and rockwell hardness (HKA, HKB, HRC). 7. Impact toughness (Ak) : material's resistance to impact load ability, the unit is the joule/cm2 (J/cm2). The tensile stress and phase 1. Elastic: ε e = σ e/e, index σ e, e 2. Rigid: train L = P · L/e f. resistance of the elastic deformation ability strength 3. Strength: σ s- -the yield strength, σ b-tensile strength 4. Resilience: impact absorption power Ak 5. Fatigue strength: alternating load horizontally 1 < σ s 6. Hardness HR, HV, HB 1. Ⅰ linear elastic stage in the early stage of tensile stress strain curve for a straight line--this stage a ceiling of stress called materials proportional limit σ e. 2. Ⅱ stage stage when the stress increase yield until a certain value, the stress-strain curve appear level line (a slight fluctuations), in this term, the stress and deformation almost the same, but has increased dramatically, lose the ability of the deformation resistance materials, this kind of phenomenon says, the corresponding yield stress called yield stress or yield limit, and σ s said. 3. Ⅲ stage for strengthening phase, after yield, materials and enhanced the deformation resistance of ability. Strengthening the highest stage of the corresponding stress, says the ultimate strength of materials. Use σ b says, is the ultimate strength of material could have the greatest stress. 4. Ⅳ stage for necking stage. When the stress increased to maximum value σ b, a local specimens of significant contraction, the last in the neck shrank cracks. Of low carbon steel σ s and σ b in order to measure the strength of the main index. Rigid: train L = P · L/E f., resist the ability of elastic deformation. P-tension, l-the long material, E-elastic modulus, F-- section area.

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