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The financial storm opened China hardware mechanical and electrical industry behind the veil
Release time:2011.10.28 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

From the raw material up to RMB revaluation, the new labor contract law to export tax refund the promulgation of the cut, and then to the current financial crisis even economic crisis, the Chinese hardware and enterprise in just a couple of years had never had the fluctuation, the economic environment and the policy change, some are sudden, some are predictable. In the days before the financial crisis, the Chinese hardware and enterprise in "four big stress" under, still can barely breathe normally, and the arrival of the financial crisis, is like a giant bang, already shaken many enterprise's foundation, and hurt our many so-called entrepreneurs feelings, can only use a "miserable" word to describe. Guangdong, jiangsu five gold modelling business failures nearly a third, workers sad eyes left the work DuoNian factory; Business owners dejected, and some ran, some fled. Part of the business enterprise negative profit, and foreign famous enterprise and high-quality domestic enterprise is not affected. Get China famous brand of zhejiang and electric appliance limited liability company, its sales declined slightly in the first half of 2008, what the performance of China's wheat growing by 40% a year. Bosch power tools is to use this crisis contrarian and, in the other people all are greatly cutting spending, but they increase brand marketing efforts, in the TV stations on the electric tool advertising, promotion and sales. I believe that, for the Bosch is concerned, this financial crisis is the best time to game with counterparts, why the domestic enterprise as panic like? Therefore, in a crisis, many of our enterprise is eliminated, some enterprise insisted, some enterprise under the influence of limited. My conclusion is: backward will be eliminated, the Chinese hardware mechanical and electrical industry whole situation will lag behind in advance under pressure, crisis opened China hardware mechanical and electrical industry backward veil, uncover the scar is always painful, but in the long term, more good than harm is who hindered the development of the Chinese hardware mechanical and electrical industry since the 90 s, China's hardware mechanical and electrical industry in the push of the private economy, no matter be in, the enterprise scale, volume, or in the enterprise management, technical innovation, and brand strategy and marketing skills for all the great progress, but relatively famous international brand is concerned, our hardware mechanical and electrical industry overall still lag behind. The backward is an all-round, especially in technical innovation and brand marketing. For many reasons, I answer may was cruel, but real: older Chinese hardware people changed China old backward productivity, but most of them for grass roots was born, "dynamic" is very sufficient, in the early 1990 s, the market economy has just established, market supply less than needs, low threshold of hardware and the enterprise can be in short time quickly copy products and enterprise, but no scientific standard enterprise organization, system and management, in market competition relatively complete later, these enterprise, it is hard to adapt to the needs of the development of the market. In China's hardware and enterprise, an entrepreneur decided to the development of the enterprise ability, then this one a lot of business owners need anything? Lack of modern commercial operation capacity, strategic ability and daring and so on. Many business owners but short-term interests, no long-term sustainable development, deficiency of correct understanding of the enterprise, in short missing too much. I think, the development of the enterprise is need government support and stable market environment, but ultimately depends on the enterprise's own operation ability. Exactly is who hindered the development of the Chinese hardware mechanical and electrical industry, the answer is obvious.

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