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Hardware locks market "player" innovation design light household
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

At present locks industry competition in the market, already from the simple price competition turned to the quality of products of the competition, and most of the enterprise real understanding to the importance of quality, so to strengthen the enterprise standard ability and the quality of products of the examination ability, the Chinese locks the improvement of the quality of the product is a good start.

Locks and supporting adornment hardware as part of domestic outfit design, domestic outfit design and cultural factors will affect the development of hardware locks and form a complete set, and locks and hardware innovation can also bring new window for domestic outfit design and change. Now the author sums up some of the industry and the development trend of locks and direction.

The needs of users and the function heavy experience

The development of the industry trend from locks, the user experience and products humanized concern has arranged to the first. KLC (Germany) a series of development for indoor use single room door of the tongue door lock, developers from product applications, users demand, consumer use custom paper, based on the existing market indoor lock for further research, combining door factory senior industry customer feedback, lock body function in the new design, in material on have the copper, to meet families need.

Innovation design reflect culture and taste

In the modelling design into the culture, the attention of individual grade. The locks on market hardware design, multifarious, wide variety, but the real start from a design will be all kinds of cultural connotation as design concept into the does not see more. KLC (Germany) hardware research and development team from a few years ago began to the exploration and try.

Environmental protection and energy saving safety use "lock"

Environmental protection and energy saving and security is now locks in production of industry attention. The call for more serious environmental problems have sense of responsibility of the producers to action. Product is through the environment system and occupational health and safety of the system authentication; Whether by using environmental protection gradually electroplating process, reduce cyanide, using 3 + use chrome plating; Meets the electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry standards for discharge of water pollutants, manufacturers are began to pay more attention to the problem.

High-tech promote intelligent locks

Biometrics application and the rise of intelligent locks and the development of the intelligent hardware, and work together to locks and hardware application ascend to a new height, household intelligence in the near future, will be in average homes.

At present, the technology and content of science and technology of high intelligent locks, including trick lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock due to its unique convenience, as well as the technology gradually mature, in the market has gradually win in the application of high-end consumer recognition, and made a place. And use biometrics fingerprint lock, the more because the uniqueness of fingerprints, do not copy sex, easy to carry, don't forget, not lost characteristics, to have more wide prospect of market.

Enterprise connotation drive brand effect

Enterprise pay more attention to quality and brand: really good brand connotation is quality, durability, the crystallization of sustainable development; Quality is the life of enterprise. As the saying goes: no "product", which come of "brand"? Good quality always is the foundation of the enterprise development.

At present KLC (Germany) has formed a household door lock, furniture hardware, door control hardware, sanitary hardware of total four big category three series of product line. KLC (Germany) always to focus on locks as the core, and the furniture hardware for supporting hardware products have the complete solution, thus not only ensure the flagship product quality and advantages, and ensure the customer can in the related adornment issues to obtain the very good solution, the plan by customers warm response. At the same time, KLC (Germany) the outstanding product is more the favour of the world expo. 2010 world expo in Shanghai culture performing arts center all adopted KLC (Germany) products, again showing its superior quality. KLC (Germany) is dedicated to become locks industry of experts, believe that he led a lock in hardware industry continues to boom.

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