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Hardware mechanical and electrical industry how to do well the dealer terminal market
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Along with the market competition, hardware and market gradually by the original product competition transition for the brand competition, how to do well the terminal sales is dealers have to face the reality of the problem, now the author introduce related content.

First of all, dealers should do market, we must choose a suitable for local demand brand. To a certain extent brand character with dealers to customer group related, or distributor in the work ahead will have to spend more of his energy to develop new customers.

Second, the dealer to within the jurisdiction of market segments, cultivate their influence in the terminal, exercise the business personnel quality, grope for customer development, channel management, guest feeling maintenance skills. The channel of the terminal and intensive cultivation is hardware and the dealer's survival. As for traditional hardware and dealers speaking, the likes of dealers is wait for the customer the door way. However the traditional way and are not real sales, terminal is the sales of the place.

Dealers and traditional wholesalers the difference is that he is not only a middlemen, and often have exclusive franchise area, should be the pioneers of the market and managers. Dealers and the interests of the manufacturer is consistent, only to improve the market sales to increase the profit of the actual. "Sales = effective terminal display products × number number". So, successful dealers often in terminal this aspect:

1, increase the terminal point of sales, improve product coverage;

2, ensure products on display obvious, beautiful, in order to promote the terminal point of sales sales;

3, strengthen the customer management and guest feeling maintenance, improve the terminal point of sales of the purchases frequency.

The past manufacturer directly to the provincial dealers, dealers and have two of the three, four group, of the provincial level, and mostly sat in on a few dealers in large quantity referrals go, this is because the current market competition not caused by fierce. Too much link can cause high cost, the price is chaos, business passive a series of problems. Must change the idea, focus your attention on your end up.

When dealers do this city after market, must go about ShiXianJi belongs to the market. Do ShiXianJi market does not need you go door to door for retail visit, but to you develop the market, select a good customer for the region's total distributors, and regularly visit him, helping him to manage this market.

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