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Hardware tools industry: new foreigner three forces
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Foreign invasion, the Chinese hardware tools industry mountain status "not protect", rise up and for an inevitable result is, see hardware shop, hardware rookie and foreign capital enterprise three forces how to carry out the game? Finally grab market right.

The new changes is a famous enterprise

Local many old brand in China market share is solid, but also is the new brand of constant impact, generally need to self continuously change and ascension, in order to adapt to the market competition of the cruel impact.

About old brand, in essence are hard to appellation "old" word. The Great Wall being local old brand, is representative of the group, many other are just was born just ten years of brand. These local operations, operating DuoNian old brand, itself has "soil" sex, experienced "grow first, after norm" enterprise operation stage, after DuoNian operation, in the market have occupied a share, and brand awareness and improve a lot. 21 century ago, these basic enterprise in the rapid expansion stage, after 2000 years, the enterprise continue this development tendency, and until recent years, market macro environment change sharply, and sold the market competition intensified, in the past, the vulgar management pattern, the marketing strategy and operation team has been difficult to keep up with the market development phase, in be foreign brand and new brand of manipulation, the group's sales performance starts to stagnation or slow growth.

In order to change the status quo, out and some old brand of enterprise operation management began the comprehensive reflection, market environment and competition for detailed investigation and analysis, this paper puts forward a lot of new development way of thinking and strategies. For example, the g is starting to look to the enterprise internal, find out the problems from the inside, the enterprise culture construction mentioned in the strategy of further development, through the cultural strategy to promote the enterprise's core competitive ability; Strength is the top of old brand, its development speed is known in the industry as "myth", facing with class products and brand competition and the strong advantage began to weaken the channel in 2010, started the new strategy capable to try, through the supermarket chain model to drive a new round of development, and avoid direct clash with rivals, access to certain barriers space; Torin jack in the domestic market has been well-known, in the face of market competition, they active attack, reviewing Chinese steam guarantees the industry market, success deduce "the return of the king".

Old brand the advantages and disadvantages of cognitive structure in the current market, are obvious. The advantage is that existing brand and channel advantage, disadvantage is that the market for domestic old brand cognitive generally is not high, middle and low class is basic, if the enterprise from the point of view of the brand to get a higher added value, a great difficulty. As a result, many domestic old brand faced with some common problems, for example, marketing strategy and tactics not system, product homogeneity is serious, the team is not stable, and so on, these problems with the serious problem of transformation of the enterprise.

Old brand new ideas, new strategy will be a normal thinking, this group brand to break through, we see.

New brand of mixed ideas

The new brand is mainly refers to export to domestic enterprises, this part of the enterprise have western thinking and the double characteristics of local knowledge, the brand operation has some new ideas, their strength can not underestimate, but the lack of domestic sales experience.

In recent years, by the pressure of RMB appreciation, and other weaken the enterprise the ability to export the influence of the factors, and the financial crisis directly impact, most of the export enterprises been linked with the domestic market, the enterprise has plenty of active attack, and after the system planning, and the others are passive choice, but under can only put the product sells to domestic stock market.

Sales in domestic market and export development pattern worlds apart, and sold in total market although increasing year by year, but for the market environment, grasp the channel of development to the brand operation and the establishment of the new team is very difficult questions.

In this group is in China hardware tools industry's future super giants-hangzhou superstar. For many years, local Chinese hardware tools enterprise is difficult to reach, and the Stanley and other foreign brand stand and for many reasons, both the market and the enterprise itself. Hangzhou star through foreign trade and the accumulation listed smoothly, the integration of a large number of capital, began to strategic open up the domestic market, the big layout. Star is not short of funds now, need is talent and market timing of mature, or it's a series of strategic layout is difficult to carry out thoroughly. YiWei John bolton, the brand marketing planning is the profession model, the director of marketing for professional operation brand of a veteran, many strategies are very standardized, and we emphasized the products always in the first place, the tools to make a pleasure. So the utilitarian a long-term strategy worth industry good good study, if really can do professional, dedicated, sharing the core value of the brand, the road in boulder, YiWei domestic would eventually be victory. The practice of the author is to can't agree, their domestic sales strategy obviously can't and steel shield and YiWei Mr Comparison, it stands a gimmick dealers stimulus policy how see to all very old soil, it can see at a glance bolts. Today's Chinese channel manufacturers still some utility and myopic, but also not a little doesn't care about the brand and the long-term development ability, so simple stimulation policy has not enough to impress partners of the heart.

The new brand operation technique we can see, especially a few strength slightly larger enterprise, the development ideas are pragmatic, first they solve the problem products, and then combining with local market characteristic, make full use of the advanced western brand operation idea, the marketing do a certain height, the feeling of the brand to make, the brand the strong point to find good, gradually let channel distributor and purchaser recognized brand positioning and the core value, psychological awe, and complete the brand of the accumulation of added value, obtain the final strategic success.

So, even though these new brands to enter the domestic market of short time, the time is not the best, but some enterprise financial strength is strong, clear thinking, can form a suitable team as long as, one by one to meet the target, the results natural not bad.

The foreign capital enterprise's new "LangDao"

The foreign capital enterprise has always been local enterprises as a "Wolf", as the days of foreign capital is better, but that's not entirely true. Facing local enterprises constantly to high-end wander, and enterprises also doing new strategic plan and change, they are now doing exactly how? Worth discussing.

The foreign capital enterprise by Chinese companies become"

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