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Hardware tools industry raises the technical level has "door" to find
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Our hardware products widely used in geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile and defense industry, and other fields. One mechanical processing with abrasive and geological broach and stone cutting tools have a certain level of manufacturing technology level. Form the seriation, standardization, variety specification complete, the product quality is stable, some products in the international market has certain competitive power.

Production of diamond tool in our country in all application range, has obvious economic benefit, but its technical level still couldn't and compared with the prices of similar products abroad. Want to develop hardware tools industry, to improve the economic benefit and overall level, must vigorously promotes the new product, new technology development. Expanding diamond fields of application, improve the diamond tool industry overall technical level and market competitiveness, to the quality strives for the survival, to the progress of science and technology for development.

At present our country of mechanical, precious stones, medical equipment, wood, glass reinforced plastics, stone material handicraft, ceramic and composite hard brittle materials processing areas of diamond tools and other products has been dependent on imports. As demand has increased year by year, our country hardware tools industry must develop high quality as soon as possible, many kinds of various series of tool product, at home and abroad to meet the need of the market tools, replace imported.

To be development products: oil drilling bit, stone throw with PDC grinding of diamond grinding block, with engineering, diamond core drill bit YouShi honing, diamond film coated tools, diamond wheel, rubber combination agent diamond plastic tools, PCD diamond tools and diamond needles, wards, diamond heat sink and transistor, etc. To ensure the product quality, we must speed up the new technology, new technology promotion, such as vacuum welding technology, edm sintering technology, diamond uniform technology, diamond plating technology and metallization iridium bonding technology, laser welding technology and so on.

Go the way of the enterprise group or joint, set up several large enterprise group, and guide the development of the industry, create their own brand, and actively participate in international competition. Relying on scientific and technological progress, increasing investment in science and technology, equipment updating. Reinforcing the enterprise internal management, and constantly improve the production process, reduce production cost and improve the economic benefits.

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