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Hardware is an instrument measuring market highlights constantly
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Hardware is an instrument measuring tools, precision tools in the national engineering research center of precise instrument commissioning between, the staff by clicking the button, fixed in a detection platform of automobile gear quickly turned up, next to the computer screen, the number of beats in fast. Just more than ten seconds, then show the measurement results come out, next to have measured value and the allowable deviation value, let a person be clear at a glance. The center for the ChaoGang deputy chief engineer to develop a successful fast detection sorting machine is so the evaluation: "because detection speed, high automation, and the price is low, and satisfy the car makers to realize the rapid detection, gear one hundred percent guarantee the quality and safety of the national car. The equipment fills up the domestic automobile gear on-line test and separation technology in the fields of blank."

"Image to parables, nc tool is the teeth of nc machine tools, precision measuring instruments is numerically-controlled machine tool's eyes. They promote each other, are closely related, equipment, services, promoting the CNC manufacturing equipment, especially the development of digital cutting technology." Chengdu tools institute senior engineer, doctoral supervisor such played for example. As the foundation of the CNC cutting technology, our tools manufacturing industry in measuring instrument technology level and the performance quality and so on, to advanced level is still there is a big gap. The statistics show that, our country measuring tool industry after decades of construction and development, has initially formed a relatively complete product categories, has certain production scale and development ability of the industry system, has become the second largest global excluding Japan measuring producer.

Domestic hardware measuring tool window continuously, from visual to simple measure to precise measurement, the measurement technology progress to a certain extent, the manufacturing technology of the guarantee progress. The scientist and Mr. Qian xuesen once pointed out: "information technology including measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology. Measuring technology is the key and foundation."

Precision processing manufacturing needs not only the precision, stability and machine tool, the precision of the fixture to guarantee, also need precision measuring instrument calibration, measurement to amount. "Have a plenty of in the machining process (such as a knife instrument); you have plenty of afterwards detection (such as gear measuring instrument)." Precision processing manufacturing needs not only the precision, stability and machine tool, the precision of the fixture to guarantee, also need precision measuring instrument calibration, measurement to amount. Industry experts said, with the wind power industry as an example, some typical power generation equipment in key parts such as steam turbine blades, rotor wheel trough and the steam turbine generator rotor embedded trough and other typical parts processing and testing, and, to some extent, represent and reflect a nation advanced cutting technology and numerical control tools, digital measuring technology and the latest achievements of measuring instrument and the level, so the tool manufacture industry attention.

A pleasant surprise, measuring instrument of domestic hardware manufacturing enterprise in recent years in the digital display technology and digital display hardware measuring tool products independently and development in the increasing investment, have made tremendous achievements. Domestic digital display measuring tool once a few years simple bar LCD digital display development to more complex face form LCD dynamic simulation video display, digital caliper ce-grate resolution from 0.01 mm to 0.001 mm, the accuracy of measurement and reliability have significantly raise. Continuously improve the performance of water-proof and dust-proof (IP54 from increased to IP65, has to IP67), strengthens the domestic digital display measuring tool market competition ability. Nearly 10 years continuously strengthen in gear measurement instruments, the surface roughness measuring instrument and outline of measuring devices such as precision instrument development manufacture advantages, successful development at present domestic biggest 2 m CNC gear measuring instrument, become the most domestic competition strength of precision measuring instrument manufacturer.

"Double-frequency laser interferometer is in the center of the self-developed core products, now only the center to domestic also have the technology, can produce such a device. It changed the successful development of China in the field of long-term dependence on imported situation. ChaoGang proud to say: "the instrument of the many functions of foreign technology broke the blockade, detection resolution to 0.02 micron, detection length is 20 meters. Price is lower than the same products abroad, in the world, this instrument can and UK and other countries of the similar product most discretion!" National engineering research center, precision tools, chengdu tool research institute says, so far, the center in new cutting tool materials, cutting tool material surface modification process, gear quantity is the achievement of the respect has a leading domestic level. Through unremitting efforts, and now owns the most advanced domestic, with independent intellectual property rights of the precision tool production equipment, established the industrialization base, precision tools in China r&d and technology and equipment and industrialization of overall ability realize the leaping development, some results have been close to or reached the advanced world level.

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