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By tradition to high-end hardware by manufacturing to "wisdom made" leap
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

But came to known as "the Chinese hardware industry trade city" and "China foundry industry cluster experimentsite area of interview hedong district. Here, in the production and sales of the change of the way to the author does it one brace up: facilities is old, small scale of transactions, behind, such as unreasonable layout to direction of traditional hardware market, has been a complete function, convenient and quick, equipped with modern logistics, with modern show the function of trade exhibition replaced large-scale projects, leading domestic hardware industry happen "changed forever" qualitative change. Hedong hardware is in industrial upgrade for direction, promote hardware from the traditional industries stepped high-end industry.

Gathered MingYouTeXin of various kinds of hardware, more than 30000 kinds of mechanical and electrical products, every day dozens of container to send to the national DuoGe 20 provinces and cities, the annual turnover exceeding 7 billion RMB yuan...... And, this is "shuande" brought hedong district of linyi city industry legend.

The legend is staged every day. Recently, the author that conform to the construction hardware industry, and hardware to high-end market in northern area, intensive development on the half, as hedong district committee and the district government planning of the hardware and the new carriers--hardware and logistics city, is in an orderly way to accelerate construction. With the project and promote powerstation, and a modern high-end hardware city be vividly portrayed.

Sparks four splash, shine arc welding robot tirelessly busy, the whole production process glitters the power of science and technology. This is the author in hydraulic company production workshop as soon as see the scene. The vice President WeiHongJie tells the author: "our company's products have successfully penetrated sunvo company is intelligent, hunan jiang foot, vanda heavy families, such as listing enterprise become these domestic famous enterprises of the main supporting production enterprise." Order to eat "full", the product of favor, as soon as hydraulic company become hedong hardware technology innovation of the ZhiNiuEr.

As soon as hydraulic company is in recent years hedong hardware industry rapid development of a miniature. 1 to July this year, and when the company achieve output of hydraulic increasing 38.2%, the hardware industry output value of RMB 4.37 billion yuan, export creates to remit sum usd 20 million, RMB 352 million yuan.

Hedong hardware manufacturing processing industry with a long history of early 1970 s in the production of scissors, a hammer and hardware tools and the national famous, known as the "hardware township of" reputation. Linyi five jincheng mechanical and electrical manage door JiaRuiYun told the author, the village head tree jiuqu street area has is rich in "yizhou knife cut", the past the tree with technology, hammer, cut, cut, saw, such as file "hardware" well-known Sue, henan, and anhui and sold to the northeast three provinces. Enjoys a long already hedong hardware steel market, because buy nation, sell the country, become a flag of the development of the private economy.

However, as time passes by, the traditional hardware industry for lack of innovation, technology level backward, the product can not adapt to the needs of the market. Hedong district committee and the district government sized up the situation, based on traditional hardware industry advantage, high positioning, powerful operation, we take the hardware processing industry as the advantage industry cultivate. At present, hedong district has developed four hardware manufacturing processing industry town, 82 metal processing ZhuanYeCun, 590 hardware manufacturing processing enterprise, five annual output value one hundred million yuan enterprise, 21 house 50 million yuan of enterprise. In 2010, the hardware industry sales income is 7.6 billion yuan, export $32.22 million. Hardware manufacturing processing has become hedong unique pillar industry.

Implement science and technology drive, go quality win pathway, has become hedong hardware industry developing fast secret. In recent years, the hardware enterprise firmly establish "strives for the survival by the quality, innovation and development," the concept of development, establish technology research and development center, continuously increased technical innovation and technical reform efforts, greatly enhances the market competitiveness of products. At present, most hardware enterprise have their own intellectual property rights and the patent products, including strong tools, alex of companies such as the quality of products has been to keep the industry leading position, and sold to Europe, America, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

For ascending hardware popularity, the area of actively implementing "brand striving to create" project, encourage hardware enterprise to create brand, develops the market.

For enterprises to develop the brand building, brand reporting, the product quality authentication, the authentication importing technology, and equipment renewal, technology research and innovation, the laboratory construction and the introduction of advanced technology, all give capital rewards and policy support. Shandong rev. Yang tools Co., LTD successfully launched "horizontal jack", annual output of 1.4 million sets, 100 DuoGe model, products are exported to eastern Europe, America and southeast Asia, at present the market share in the second nationwide. As soon as hydraulic at "211 project" key university cooperation to strengthen, the launch of new environmental pollution, the hydraulic oil cylinder with independent property, the product falls short of demand, last year the company realized sales income increased greatly.

By tradition to high-end, by manufacturing to "wisdom is built", traditional hardware industry as the magnificent turned and the phoenix's nirvana. Now, hedong traditional hardware industry has been high technical content, innovation and brand awareness strong numerous modern enterprise instead, on the scientific development road of crossing. Hedong has become the name matches the reality of east China area most DaWuJin products distribution center, domestic industry the second big wholesale market, the region's most DaWuJin professional wholesale market.

Good industrial foundation needs a convenient logistic for support. In the hardware industry rapid development at the same time, hedong is toward creating jiangbei region's largest hardware logistics base strides forward. After the upgrade of the hardware of the steel market have shops 3265 home, 860 domestic enterprises with sales points here, leading to more than 100000 people engaged in supporting the production processing, storage, transport information and food service plan. Relying on the east stand hardware and logistics city, in order to perfect logistics, financial services, the electronic commerce, the entire management four function as the core, the integration of trade, logistics, information and capital, to lead the traditional market information, greatly improved hardware enterprise market competitiveness. The new planning of hardware market will introduce modern trade logistics idea, promote the traditional market network and modern management idea of rapid ascension, strive to build a comprehensive shopping, information service, exhibition display for the integration of the national hardware product distribution center.

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