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Hardware is the most important part of integral kitchen
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Hinge, frequently in the process of cupboard door, the most will stand the test is hinge. It will not only be the cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank accurately together, alone even bear the weight of door plank, and must hold the door arrange consistency unchanged, or after using period of time, it may be, because slanting shoulder drops horn. RON's cabinet in the design of the upgrade, choose a famous Italian brand "ferrari" fast loading hinge. It is easier to install remove, the user in the absence of any tools, can be removed, and can recover quickly, use more easily.

The stand or fall of it for the normal use of ambry and life is very important. According to RON's professional ambry is introduced, the stand or fall of hardware that has become the important sign of the difference between ambry stand or fall. Talk about hardware, can say is the integral kitchen of the most important parts. It must be able to adapt to the kitchen environment moisture, lampblack many factors.

The damping system will be current hardware industry the most advanced technology achievements--damping system used in ambry drawer door. The damping system makes the gentle automatically shut off technology, damp drawer have buffer technology and shut down automatically technology, can let filled with items in the drawer slide arrive on 5 cm rebound point after buffer shut down automatically after, not only can avoid drawer items into each other, and still won't cause the bounce of the drawer. Damp drawer has the unique characteristics-more again more slippery, push gently, load weight 50 kg of drawer to slowly shut automatically.

Other metals and aluminium alloy kicks foot, folding door to wait, consumer is when the choice, outside holding except the whole to ambry, must not turn a blind eye to these petty element. The hardware that imports on the market at present, the share that Germany, Italy holds is larger, they are the hardware production country, quality go in front. When be being bought so, want to pay more attention to the use of hardware function of a brand, even spend some money is worth it. Decorate has become a judge of a family life quality the important standard. But in the kitchen is decorated in, the most important is also the most neglected is hardware

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