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Hardware industry whole development trend
Release time:2011.10.26 News Source:Yiwu Chuanghui Hardware Co., Ltd Views:

Our country has become a world metal processing power and export power, and has become one of the world hardware production country, has broad market and consumer potential. With the development of social economy, hardware industry in the new situation also will present new trend, however, in "the green more money," the "1025" era, energy saving, intelligent product is popular, hardware enterprise industry trend to aware of go to the farther!!!!!

1, tools hardware demand increases

Along with our country in the continuous improvement of the position of the world, the world more and more countries started to use the Chinese hardware products, and, to some extent, stimulate the development of hardware products in China. In recent years, as process of global economic integration accelerate, China hardware tools processing industry gradually become the main force of the world hardware tools industry. Some developed countries especially Africa, the Middle East and other developing countries to the hardware tools with of the more than ten year demand speed increases. Hardware tools is labor-intensive industries, as hardware of yongkang, but also with low cost of traditional competitive advantage, had become a hardware tools of the cluster land.

2, the hardware products quality improvement

At the same time, the international market in China to the requirements of the hardware products will gradually change development of China, the quality of the products, packing, delivery deadline will have higher request, even gradually extended to the production process and product development, product and environmental protection, the energy resources, humanity environment together. And the huge market and center position gravity, will further attract the multinational company manufacturing center hardware to the transfer. And the integration of foreign enterprise will constantly improve the quality of the product of the Chinese hardware and enterprise competitiveness. Continue to expand in the United States, Japan and other traditional national market at the same time, in southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia, Europe, Africa, could also full bloom.

3, capital expansion intensified

Our country in the accession to the world trade organization, in the international competition of the environment, in order to improve competitiveness, industrial capital became industry is an important theme running. In 2004, HuaDi supor has listed, macro treasure for positive efforts in listed, and the capital markets also won't because of failure and YueMei restructuring and stop. From the point of capital, and the current main characteristic is the expansion of the capital on the rise.

4, cooperation between enterprise on the increase

From competitive behavior on look, between enterprise and the sharing of resources in increase cooperation, on the one hand, manufacturers strengthening of the retail terminal control, and strive to reduce sales link, save cost of sales, sales channels to professional direction development, enterprise sales mode can also adapt to the diversity in the direction of the market development. On the other hand, the trend of the development of the automate the large home appliance chains position the rise, and the industry control ability strengthens, participation and triggered by the manufacturer of the dominant before the main price competition. Large retailers with its broad market coverage, procurement size and cost advantages, and the product price, payment for goods delivery of production enterprise control capacity will be increased. And as the small and medium-sized enterprises in light of the trend in the competition will be disadvantage.

5, to the user experience and product humanization more concerned

Developers from product applications, users demand, consumer use custom paper, based on the existing market indoor lock for further research, combining door factory senior industry customer feedback, lock body function in a new design to meet the need, tools to user experience will be more enterprise attention.

6, to industrial modelling design in the attention of individual grade

The hardware on the market tool design, multifarious, wide variety, but the real start from a design will be all kinds of cultural connotation as design concept into the does not see more. Tools from a few years ago enterprise dedicated to the exploration and try to make culture, individual character grade blend in product design.

7 and intelligent development new height

Biometrics application and the rise of intelligent locks and intelligence of the development of common hardware tools and hardware application ascend to a new height, household intelligence in the near future will have the possibility to average homes, intelligent locks has broad market prospect, and intelligent locks will become popular products on the market.

8, environmental protection and energy saving and security

Environment problem is severe call for more responsible producers the practical action. Product is through the environment system and occupational health and safety of the system authentication, whether by using environmental protection gradually electroplating process, reduce use cyanide wastewater treatment, meets the electroplating and electroplating industry standards for discharge of water pollutants, manufacturers are began to pay more attention to the problem.

9, household ambry hardware concept extension

Future household ambry kitchen from especially for dietary production, storage and storage with function of furniture series, change is set to receive storage, wash cut with Fried food, cooking and receive a visitor, entertainment, study work of the function such as comprehensive furniture, household ambry hardware concept will extension, and the future, household ambry hardware will also be changed.

10 and sanitary metal product concept will break through the traditional concept in the past

Sanitary metal products as modern luxury life of the symbol of supplies, it into all aspects of people's lives. That not only has the health and clean function, still should include health care function, appreciate the function and recreation functions, in use function, the sanitary hardware more tend to humanization

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