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1.How many years have your company set up?
Answer: our company was founded in 2001 , until now, it is 10 years .
2.How many employees do your company have?
Answer: 110 . in which, the office staff 4 people; company salesman 12 people ; storekeeper 8 people , factory worker and factory management staff morn than 80 people.
3.How much is your company’s registered capital ?
Answer: one million .
4.what is the scale of your factory?
Answer: production workshop 3000 square, warehouse 2000 square.
5.How much is your company annual sales volume?
Answer: every year we can export 300-400 standard containers.
6.How about the product quality of your company?
Answer: our products have different quality , made in different workshops and by different production workers, and with different surface treatment .The high ,low grades can be made  according to customers demands, and be respectively arranged in different workshop to make and checked according to different grades .so , whether you need which kind of grades of the products ,we can meet your needs.
7.Do you have factory ?
Answer: Have. We have the professional handle factory . There are differences in the quality of the production workshop , workers and process. There are a number of friend factories had established long time cooperative relationship with us .They can product the matching product .
8.Can you make goods according to our sample ? 
Answer: We can . As long as you provide the samples or pictures , and give us the related requirements.
9.what is your deliver time in genetal?
Answer : 20days, Our general production process is about 20days , but the actual deliver time is up to your quantity and requirements.
10. Do you have stock ?
Answer : Only some products have a little ready goods , and the styles are incomplete. So ,it depends on which kind you need , if no have stock , we can make new order, 1-3 weeks can be completed.
11. what is your main market , abroad or at home ?
Answer : Abroad. Our products are mainly exported . accounting  for 90% of the total sales. However , from August of this year , we began to expand the domestic business .
12. what ‘s your company ‘s payment form?
Answer : T/T , Bank transfer, Cash, (RMB, USD, EURO is acceptable).
13. Do you accept C/L?
Answer: Not accept for the moment . Because the current international situation is not stable, and the dollar and the euro exchange rate are instability ,using C/L will increase the risk .
14.Are you the general taxpayer ? Can you open the VAT invoices?
Answer : Yes , we are . We can open 17% VAT invoices, the tax rate is 10% , also can open 4% invoices ,tax rate is 4%.
15. Did you participate in the exhibition ?
Answer : yes , Every year we go to Guangzhou to take part in the spring and autumn canton fair.
16. Did you participate exhibition abroad ?
Answer : Yes, last year we took part in the exhibition in Dubai.
17. How to solve the customer’s quality complaints ?
Answer: Negotiate with the customer. If the goods is in China, we can retreat or change them . If the goods has been exported abroad, we will consult with the client according to the actual situation to satisfy the customer.
18.Do you have a minimum order quantity(MOQ)?
Answer : yes , we have. Different items have different MOQ , 5 ctns in general .
19.Did you have the import and export right?
Answer : Yes , we have. Besides we can provide some related value-added services,like storage , commodity inspection , booking , customs clearance, inspection stowage , documents , embassy certification , CIQ , SGS, land transport , ocean shipping , insurance, exchange and other one-step export procedure.
20. Which language you use to communicate with customers?
Answer : Chinese, English, Russian , Arabic.
21. what is the product style of your company?
Answer : furniture hardware accessories , decorate hardware , cabinet hardware , specific products please click the product center.
22.Which country do you export?
Answer: Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Czech, Albania and other European countries; Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, Niger, Guinea and other African and Middle east countries . Syria , Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, India, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Asian countries and Ecuador of South America.
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